Just something I thought members could enjoy. Northern Area Summer Fly - In at Pontefract Race Course.

On behalf of Blackstone Model Flyers, I would like to thank the BMFA Northern Area for arranging a two-day fly-in on the Pontefract Pandas flying site. Some big thanks also to the Pandas Club for allowing us to share the field.

I only managed to go on Sunday for an hour or two but enjoyed all the big models (and the smaller ones) that were on display. (See pictures below).

It was good to chat to some of the old faces, Dave Tuckwood, Phil Cox and Tim Haigh chairman of both the HDMAC and Northern Area BMFA. The expression on Tim’s face was a picture when I handed him a quarter scale kit of a Stampe. He had bought it that morning from EBay not realizing it was me selling it. A slight pity in a way because if we had known we could have both saved some money by bypassing the middle man.

Andrew and John Mosley attended on the Saturday and walked away with first and second prizes in the take-off, three touch and goes and land in the shortest possible time. Fifteen seconds Andrew – not bad.

Altogether a good morning and I also managed to buy some black shoes for work from the shopping centre near the motorway.

I turned up  at Sledbrook today to see a great big roller being winched back onto a waggon “What the heck is going on!” Turned out we owe a great big thank you to the Shepley division  (Michael and Son Ltd) who spent a good part of Saturday morning vibro-rolling the flying area. It has made a world of difference to the surface and hopefully given a few moles a bit more than a headache. Thank you from all the rest of us.


BMFA Matters (Well I think it might do a little bit)


I attended the Northern Area meeting on Friday night and a few things came up that may be advantageous to our club.


  1. Indoor meetings. Provided we hold events advertised as open to all BMFA members we will receive a grant of £50 a meeting to a maximum of four meetings over the 2017/18 winter season. Phil Kent, of RCM&E and Scale fame is also organising about eight indoor meetings over the same period in a much larger sports hall at Howden Clough Girls High School which is not too far to travel and may be interesting. I will post details when Phil lets me have them.
  3. The BMFA Northern Area Facebook page is up and running  now and is useful if anyone is interested in attending any “local” events. A bit down the list is a picture of a field and a big hall (shed) which is where the National body have got to with the National Flying Site. Looks a bit rough at the moment but give or take a few years it might be worth a visit.
  5. Examiners Workshops in September. Only two clubs volunteered to lend their field for this, us and the HDMAC. As most of the NA committee don’t know what our field is like (perhaps I didn’t promote it well enough) it was decided to run this at the Whams; date to be announced. Irrespective of past slight differences there should be no problems in anyone from our club attending  - and there is free food.
  7. Another place where there is “free food” (In this case it is provided for a donation to charity) is at the Northern Area Summer Fly-in on PANDAS site at Pontefract Race Course over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd July. A couple of notices at the head of this page give all the details which include some competitions with prizes and the types of models (almost anything) that is allowed to fly from the field. Could be a fun couple of days if the weather is kind.

March 2017 Pictures

Thank you Paul for the new Windsock. Very nice just a pitty our new members missed it as Paul had left and as yet we havny found a place to store it. At least Paul is a fairly regular flyer so we will all benefit from time to time.

Some September Pictures

New Pit and Park Layout

And now a bi-plane "Precident Bi-Fly".

Flew the Tidewater for the first time; cold but worth the effort.


Paul’s Website.

If you want to see a really-really good modelling web site follow the link to club member Paul Rowden’s site. The site takes some beating but the quality of workmanship in the models shown would also be difficult to match.


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