Summer Time at last. August!


Thank you Mower Man.

Well done Alastair for keeping our field in particularly good shape. I caught him at the end of last week cleaning the mower just after he had finished cutting most of the field (not just our bit) so that the War Gaming campers could have a nice smooth place to lay their weary heads. John Mosley went up to fly on the first Sunday in July just as the last of the war gamers were leaving and rang me to say how good all areas of the field were looking.

Thank you Alastair where would we be without you? Me – I would be doing an awful lot more steps following my walk behind mower!

Rent & Rules

After the monthly meeting with the Dunford Parish Community Association they have thanked us for being good tenants and have confirmed our booking for the 2015/16 season at the same reduced rent as this season.

Just to remind you we fly under the following few rules.

  1. BMFA insurance is required before you can fly.
  2. Cars may be taken onto the field but each member is responsible for any damage done to the property of our landlord and wheel ruts are expected to be repaired by the member causing the damage.
  3. If other daily or weekend bookings are using the field then that booking will always take precedence over model flying. (These bookings pay considerably more than we do for the one off use). Dependent on the activity it may still be possible to fly some or all types of models. Anyone wishing to fly in these circumstances must first assess if it is safe to fly and secondly explain to the other group what you are proposing to do and ask their permission to fly whilst they are present on the field. If this is not given or if there is any doubt please do not fly until the field is clear. I will attempt to inform all members by email of forthcoming events.
  4. The club year runs from 1st April until 31st March in the following year and I would hope to be in a position to let you know what each year’s subscription would be during February or early March.

And now a bi-plane "Precident Bi-Fly".

Built this over the winter in the loft; guess what it comes through the ceiling hatch and into the car with the wings on. Have fitted the charging point externally so once trimmed will never have to take the wings off again. Almost as good as an electric model and sounds a lot better. First flights went well excepte for very difficult trim change being required on both elivator and ailerons. The aluminimum undercarrage; the only bit of the model not 1980's vintage and that includes the engine, got a bit squashed on the second flight (rather the second arrival) but was easily streightned for a third and much more in trim final flight of the day.

For a bi-plane, powered by a very old 25 it moves arround quite quickly and dosn't want to slow down much for a landing. Note Pauls latest model in the background which I was told not to photograph until he fitted a cowel. Oh well! I didn't actually photograph it, it just happened to be there when I took a picture of the Bi-Fly.

Lec T. Rickary at Sledbrook

Flew the Tidewater for the first time; cold but worth the effort.

Model for Sale

Multiplex Easy Glider II for Sale, model comes complete ready to fly just add receiver and 3S  2200 Lipo battery model has Multiplex Motor/Speed Controller & Servo’s Wing is fitted with Aileron Servo’s Hitec.

Price is £65 but open to offers, only flown twice in as new condition. Contact mobile No 07780448792

Quarter  scale  Paul  the  pilot

Just had an email from Pail Rowden and he has had his head scanned. Not for any medical reason but to then 3D print the result at one quarter scale so that he will be the pilot of his Tiger Moth. Not only is it Paul in the flying seat but he is truly animated and can turn, nod his head and probably bail out if full scale Paul gets into difficulties with the piloting.

The link below should take you to Paul’s page where he built the head but the video comes up as “private” when you click on play. I will let Paul know about that. Nodding Paul is now visible to all!



Paul’s Website.

If you want to see a really-really good modelling web site follow the link to club member Paul Rowden’s site. The site takes some beating but the quality of workmanship in the models shown would also be difficult to match.


Good Weekend

First our two new members, Peter and Laurence, turned up with their rather fantastic home produced drones. These are much better than anything I have seen advertised commercially and are whisper quiet in flight.

Though I know others had been up to the field during Sunday James and I turned up just before dusk to find Alastair aero-batting round the field with his foamy Wot4. James had his £13 EBay special which flies beautifully and I had my camera.

Welcome to our new recruit

Welcome back Richard Steadman and his assistant Bronwyn who has returned to model aircraft and heli flying after a four year break. Motorcycles (numerous) a wedding (one) and a move from South to West Yorkshire (good move) entailed the mothballing of various helicopters and fix wing models which are soon to be refurbished and, hopefully, will soon be flying at Sledbrook.

Look forward to seeing you both at our field in the near future.

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