Jim's F-16 flight

James and I popped down to an industrial estate in Horbury in early January to the  offices of Yorkshire Flight Simulator James to fly an land an F-16 me , I wasn't even going to fly it, but  I still managed to crash.

I was amazed how easyJim managed to control the speed and height while still knowing where he was in the landscape. Only one of his landings was in any way rough all the rest were superb touch and go moments. After James had finished the instructor "Go on dad you have a turn". B....y H..l talk about twitchy. Two landing attempts and two loud bangs and rumbles - NOT EASY.

Anyone who would like a turn could do well to look at the website www.yorkshireflightsimulator.co.uk 

Some September Pictures

New Pit and Park Layout

And now a bi-plane "Precident Bi-Fly".

Flew the Tidewater for the first time; cold but worth the effort.


Paul’s Website.

If you want to see a really-really good modelling web site follow the link to club member Paul Rowden’s site. The site takes some beating but the quality of workmanship in the models shown would also be difficult to match.


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